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i know i haven't written here in awhile but Wwe have been on a bit of a hiatus.

Lately Oour scening has increased and Oour real time has become much heavier with D/s time.
Master even collared another, a beautiful, wonderful kiwi minx that i adore. she lives in NZ so meeting will be an issue but you never know. she and i dovetail so well with what we enjoy and we keep Master quite busy.

It's become routine, that while Wwe have daily D/s activities, that on Friday and/or Sat nights Wwe have a more intense scene. This Friday I took off work and got rested and that night Wwe planned to stay up very late to spend time with minx. The plan was to go to bed around 4am and then have a scene, so i spent all night gearing up for it, preparing in my head, and around 330am i went to go to the bathroom and MY PERIOD STARTED. I screamed NOOOO rather loudly. Master missed it because He had run to the store.


i went into subdrop and hard.

i became irrationally angry and was so sensitive to EVERYTHING. i wanted to scream and cry and i was so bitter. i felt cheated and lost.

it was a first for me and for Master so neither of Uus knew how to deal with it. Unfortunately this caused a bit of an issue that Wwe later worked out.

Basically, up until this point my subspace has been found through sexual means, not to say that Wwe only performed sexual acts, just that it usually lead to that so when that was out of the picture for me, i suddenly felt lost and the thought of going another week w/o my subspace had me panicked.

Needless to say, Wwe are working on alternate paths to my subspace.

I'll post more about this weekend later.
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